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About Us

We are proud you have selected us and value the opportunity to service all of your personal and business banking needs.  We are BIG on customer care and put people first.


We care about our customers and the issues that matter to you. We believe in ethical banking and our investments are made within strict ethical boundaries. we are built upon caring foundations that remain as strong as ever. Our team of highly dedicated banking professionals is prepared to provide you customized financial solutions.


We offers its trading, trust and financial services Internationally. Currently, we have expanded our services to cover a wide range of  products. Confidence in a smoothly operating financial system is essential to the functioning of our economy,  for without it, enterprises and consumers would not be able to concentrate on economic activities like earning money and spending it. This is why financial stability is the principal object of our duties.


International co-operation
A hitch in the payment system or the failure of one single transaction may be enough to spark off an international economic crisis. This is why we ensure that we maintain international co-operation between us and other financial institutions which  is absolutely vital to the promotion and maintenance of a healthy financial system.

Economic advice - as adviser to government
We acts as an adviser to Government. Also, it performs important functions in several consultative bodies. In offering independent economic advice, we contributes to sound economic policy-making on both the national and the international level. We are able to do so on the strength of its expertise, its reputation and its independent position.


Payments - Paying securely
A stable financial system strongly depends on secure and reliable payment systems. Everybody must be able to pay without any problem in coin and banknotes, but also using their prepaid card and credit card, or via the Internet. And the millions of transactions executed by banks each day must be processed securely and without disruptions.

Extension of Services
Our main business has been extended to include the setting up and management of offshore and onshore companies and trusts worldwide in order to assist our clients with tax planning and asset protection. Our range of services also includes tax planning and corporate structuring, registration of ships, yachts and aircrafts, property acquisition and management, business facilitation and promotion.


Budget and accountability
Every year, we draws up a budget of planned expenditures which is underlain by three questions: what do we wish to achieve and how, and what does it cost. The budget shows how the public objectives envisaged, the activities needed to realise these objectives and the costs involved interact.

Our Mission

To meet or exceed the financial needs and expectations of our customers, employees, shareholders, and supervisory agencies by creating an effective, efficient and profitable organization.

Our Vision

To build long-lasting value, confidence and corporate reputation through the application of distinctiveness and dependability in the delivery of banking services, and through steadfast achievement - exemplified by integrity, dedication, and excellence in managing our customers' needs.