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International Corporate Banking

Our International Corporate Banking area deals with multi-national and foreign corporations as well as financial institutions with at least GBP5 million in annual sales, which are headquartered abroad and conduct business internationally.

Presently, we are actively conducting business in numerous other countries such as United Kingdom and the Caribbean with affiliate banks in Venezuela, Peru, Ecuador, Guatemala, and Curacao.

Trade Services and Financing

In dealing with import and export businesses, whether your firm is buying or selling from local suppliers or internationally, We, facilitates your trade transactions domestically or internationally by making available to you a vast number of services to make your corporation's work flow more effective and efficient.

Ancillary Available Services
  • Bill Payment Services
  • Courier Services
  • Cashier’s Check
  • Documentary Collections
  • Trade Services & Financing
  • Electronic A/C Statement via S.W.I.F.T.
  • Letter of Credit
  • Money Transfers
  • Safe Deposit Boxes
  • Canada Clearing Services
  • FX Foreign Exchange

Letter of Credit Standby Letter of Credit Discounting of Banking Acceptances

Letter of Credit provide you the best option of payment and document protection whether you are importing or exporting goods.


we will make certain that the negotiation of documents take against the seller’s strict compliance of the credit terms and conditions.

With the Standby Letter of Credit, We can provide guarantee or assurance of payment to a supplier abroad for contractual obligations undertaken by our customers as part of a trade negotiation. 


The Standby Letter of Credit is an excellent way for insuring payment to foreign while offering flexibility for numerous purchasing arrangements such as:

  • - Covering performance or non-performance
  • - Single or repetitive commercial transactions
  • - Contract bidding

By the discounting of Bankers’ acceptances, We are able to provide term financing for transactions in the international trade market.


Trade acceptances can be discounted from a letter of credit issued or confirmed by us You can benefit from the financing terms and the supplier can get paid earlier.

Discounting of Trade Acceptances with Bank Aval Business Accounts: Business Checking Business Accounts: Business Money Market
As an importer, you may not want to hold the risk associated with the risk on importer’s credit or you may prefer to the beneficiary payments for deliveries or shipments. You have the ability to discount Bills of Exchange (drafts) drawn on the foreign buyers with the avail of one of our correspondent or reputable banks in the region. With this of financing you will be able to provide your customers with the may needed liquidity (with or without recourse) and will also assume the country risk. If done without option to the exporter.

A checking account for businesses who have a lower level of deposit and check writing activity.


Save money with this fee-free account and receive a basic level of deposit and unlimited check writing capability.

An account for businesses that are able to maintain the daily minimum balance and limit the number of transactions.


This account provides a way to save for the business of your dreams, earning attractive interest rates while maintaining the ability to easily access account balances by writing a check.


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