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As your financial partner, we see beyond the now and through to the potential of your unique business. So if access to additional funds is what you need to push your business that extra mile, we’re the perfect funding partner for you!

We want to understand the needs of your business and, thanks to our simple and fast business assessment, we’re able to find the right funding solution.

Together, navigating the unpredictable business climate becomes a breeze – all thanks to three key features of our flexible business loans:

  • Injecting excess cash will reduce your loan term and repayment
  • You’ll have the ability to withdraw excess capital as you need it
  • To reduce your instalment or extend your term, re-finance your loan balance

What makes from other banks and other lending companies:

We strive to be a positive force in business promotion and look at your business as an owner and not a bank. You avoid the unnecessary conditions and waiting period which puts your business's success on hold. Our process is simple, fast and once you’ve completed our three-step online evaluation process, we’ll have all the information needed to make a decision on your funding request.

  • You need to strike while the iron is hot! That’s why within 72 hours of receiving your application we’ll pay out your loan – because time is money!
  • Our online application process is uncomplicated and easy to follow and we’ll assess your application in one day.
  • Your repayments can be structured over any period up to 12 months.
  • Our business loans are simple, affordable and flexible, whilst adapting to your business needs.
  • While your loan balance is reducing, so will the interest – no hidden or add-on costs! Our charges are less than half of most of our competitors.
  • You can reduce the interest charge and shorten the repayment period by depositing additional capital at any point.
  • Additional repaid capital is accessible for withdrawal at any time.

The bank provides the vehicle loan facilities for the purchase of new vehicle for both commercial and residential purpose. It also provides finance for purchased of used vehicle for both commercial and residential purpose.

  • To expand and take advantage of new opportunities
  • To finance short-term or seasonal working capital requirements
  • To restructure debt and reduce funding costs
  • To access cash flow to address short-term business obstacles
  • To bridge the gap between customer orders and supplier payments
  • To access discounts for early settlement
  • To unlock cash flow tied up in a property transaction
  • To access cash against underlying security
  • Home loans can generally mean one of three things. Firstly, it could mean that you wish to borrow money to buy a home, or change an existing loan you have on your home. This is also called a mortgage loan or a remortgage loan.
    Secondly, home loans can refer to using the value in your home to raise finance for something else, like buying a car or consolidating debts. This is sometimes called home finance or a homeowner loan.

    Thirdly, home loans can be used to describe equity release - a scheme that enables you to raise cash in exchange for a percentage of the equity in your home. You remain living in the home but it may be partly or wholly owned by a finance company when you die.

    we can help you with:

    • mortgages
    • Introduce you to Homeowner loans loans arranged by Bank Finance.

    You have the legal right to repay your loan early, in part or full, at any time. As well as any other interest that’s due, we’ll charge you a fee equal to 30 days’ interest. This will be calculated using the amount being repaid for a partial repayment or on the amount you owe us if you repay in full.